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Frequently Asked Questions


Can all existing users of M/s Ouriginal by Turnitin (formerly URKUND) be automatically transferred to DrillBit software?

No, new accounts need to be created in DrillBit.

Where can I get the total number of allocated documents for our University/Institute?

On the 'DrillBit Admin' portal, find it under 'Dashboard' in 'Submissions'.

How can I create single and bulk users?

After logging in, click on the profile menu, switch to the admin portal, select the 'Users' tab, click on the plus (+) icon, and choose either 'Add User' or 'Multiple Users' option.

How many documents are allocated for each Faculty and Research Scholar (PhD, Post-Doctoral, JRF, SRF)?

Initially, users are permitted up to 5 documents. Subsequent increments will be initiated based on requirements, subject to verification by the University Coordinator, to prevent any misuse.

Is the submission limit on a monthly or yearly basis?

Yearly basis.

In case the allocation is exhausted at the user's end but available in the University's account/allocation, can the user upload documents?

Yes, central pooling is implemented. Users can submit documents until the University's allocation is exhausted, and individual user allocations have been removed.

Can we grant access to Research Scholars (PhD, Post-Doctoral, JRF, SRF)?

Yes, access can be given to all Research Scholars and Faculties.

In case the allocation is exhausted, will INFLIBNET increase the number of documents?

It depends on the number of Research Scholars and Faculties registered on the AISHE (All India survey on Higher Education) portal and data submitted to ShodhShuddhi/INFLIBNET Centre.

How can a logo be uploaded in the DrillBit Plagiarism Checker?

Admins can upload a logo by logging in, clicking on the profile menu, switching to the admin portal, selecting 'Account Info,' uploading a logo, and saving it.

Is it necessary to allocate documents to the user?

Not required. DrillBit supports central pooling, eliminating the need to allocate documents to each user. Users can submit until the university allocation is exhausted.

Can we grant access to colleges?

No, access is applicable only to University Research Scholars (PhD, Post-Doctoral, JRF, SRF) and Faculties, not to Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) students.

The standard exclusions as per UGC policy?

"In folder settings: 'Exclude References/Bibliography' set to "YES", 'Exclude Quotes' set to "YES", 'Exclude small sources' set to "YES" means 14 words (for Theses), please note that if set to "NO", it implies default settings (for Publications)"

Is the document automatically saved in the DrillBit Repository?

There is no auto-save concept in DrillBit. The same document can be checked after modifications, and it won't be compared or matched with the previous submissions.

Does DrillBit detect AI-generated text?

Yes, there is a separate report for AI detection, and the report can be downloaded from the analysis page. It will generate an AI report for all submissions without requiring any settings.

How many regional languages are supported?

DrillBit supports 15 regional languages: Hindi, Kannada, Urdu, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Sanskrit, Sindhi, Santhali, Gujarati, Bengali, Assamese, Oriya and Punjabi.

How many regional language fonts are supported?

Over 3000 fonts are supported, including most of the available fonts in all languages.

I have uploaded nine documents for plagiarism check, but it is showing 18 submissions. What does this mean?

A document is capped at 20 pages, uploading a 100-page document will be counted as 5 submissions.

How can I delete a paper from the repository to recheck the same paper?

A file can be deleted from the 'Repository Tab'. After logging in, from the left-side menu, select 'Repository Tab', choose the 'Paper ID', and then delete it. This functionality is available for all users/admin.

Is it possible for the coordinator to open one folder for each department/school?

Yes, it is possible. There is no limit on folder creation, and files can be uploaded in each folder.

What is the maximum file size and length we can submit?

Up to a length of 800 pages and a size of 100 MB.

Is there two types of users Submitter and Receiver?

No, only users role.

Is there a submission limit, or can any user upload any number of documents for plagiarism check?

Yes, there is a limit on submissions; it is not unlimited.

How do I upload a document in DrillBit Plagiarism Dectection Software? Is it mandatory to create a folder?

Log in, select the 'My Folder' tab, click on the '+' icon to create a folder. After creating the folder, select it, click on the '+' icon, and upload a document.

How do I upload a document in DrillBit Plagiarism Dectection Software? Is it mandatory to create a folder?Why are 3 to 4 words matching highlighted?

Due to multiple instance paraphrasing, minimal contribution to the similarity score which can be ignored.

Regional languages files generating a lower percentage (%), is it acceptable?

Yes, there is very little content available in regional languages due to limited usage and Unicode constraints. It cannot be directly compared with English.

How can we generate a Plagiarism Certificate for a thesis using DrillBit Plagiarism Detection Software?

Click on 'Similarity %' on the submission page, and then select 'Digital Receipt' on the analysis page to generate a certificate.