About  PDS | Plagiarism Detection Software


The Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET) Centre is planning to provide web-based Plagiarism Detection Software/Tool, (invariably called anti-plagiarism / duplication screening/similarity check tool) . The Plagiarism Detection Software (PDS) facilitates easy detection of plagiarised content in the academic and research works including articles in journals and conference proceedings, chapters in books, theses, research reports, assignments, project works, lecture notes, e-text/e-content for MOOCs and LMS, etc. that are supposed to be original. The software/tool compares submitted documents with database of document maintained by the producers of plagiarism detection software consisting of subscription-based resources and open access resources from primary publishers and aggregators, current and archived Internet web pages and web documents, student paper database, etc. The “document database” may also include newspapers, magazines, electronic books, periodical databases covering popular magazines, MOOCs content, business and professional contents, subject-specific and handbooks and general encyclopaedia, etc. In this regard, Min. of HRD is planning to provide Plagiarism Detection Software to 960+ Universities/Institutions which include all Private Universities and CFTIs. Evaluation of tendering and procurement process is in progress and the PDS will be finalised in a couple of weeks.

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